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Monday, April 16, 2012

Tutorial: Coffee table to Ottoman transformation

For this project you will need the items listed below:

1. Old coffee table or side table or you can build your own.  We got ours from thrift store for $6.25
2. Foam sheet (They can be quite expensive so if you want you can buy memory foam mattress top to save some money)
3. Batting sheet
4. Glue
5. Fabric
6. Paint or stain for the legs.
7. Drill and drill bit
8. Cover button kits - Michaels, JoAnn's, Hancock Fabric or any other craftstore
9. Needle and thread
10. Heavy duty stapler/glue gun ( We prefer the stapler )

Step I:     Drill holes on top of the coffee table; a for the button patterns. At least half the size of your buttons.

Step II:    Stain or paint the legs. You can skip this step if you like

Step III:  Cut the foam sheet to the same size of  the top and sides of the table.  Secure with glue.

Step IV:  Once the foam is in place cover them with batting sheet.

Step V:  Cover with your choice of fabric and staple it with your stapler at the bottom of the table

Once covered, you can start making you button using cover the fabric button kits. Instruction should be included with the kit.

Use the strongest thread  you can find, it also helps if you have extra long (6"+) needles.

Final step:  Doggy test your new Ottoman!

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