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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hallway closet transformation

We have this long and narrow hallway closet. Yes! of course we love the space for coats and other things . . .  but we also need a dedicated space for our everyday clutter:  bills/mail, wrapping paper, books, and other miscellaneous 'clutter'. So we decided to split the hallway closet in two.  One third of the closet continues to hang on to being a coat closet (get it, 'hang on') and the rest becomes our clutter destination.  Did we mention that we don't have an office or den in our condo?

In this project we bought three new bi-fold doors and some pinewood for the shelves (painted in beautiful semi-gloss white)  As for the table/desk we were lucky enough to reuse a solid oak table-top that someone threw out a while back!  Nice, strong and sturdy.  We will most likely end up using the other half for our dining bench. 

We also added a $7.00 porch light (not seen in any of these posted pictures), but we put the light switch on the outside of the closet.  We also ran some cable lines for internet and of course a new electrical outlet to supply power to:  Modem, Router, Printer(s) and a small shaded table lamp.

Before  you put on the top shelf, please take a moment to measure the height so you don't end up with useless space!!

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