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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dining room 'Pendant Chandelier'

So we've been looking for nice contemporary clean style pendant lights.  Nothing seems affordable <sigh>. Many trips to Home Depot and Lowes along with the many online ventures ... everything either too blah or too blah blah. 

Little did we know, we were walking past our solution countless times!  

Clearance bin at Home Depot.  We found a 1 pendant light fixture for $19.00 and one lamp shade for $19.97 (not on sale or clearance :-(  tsk tsk tsk).  See picture below.

Good buy for $19.00
Another great buy for $19.97

. . . drum roll . . .


Total cost:

$19.00 - pendant
$19.97 - lamp shade
$38.97 - Total cost + 15 minutes to uninstall fan and install new light!

Savings -- priceless!

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